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What function a WIFI USB remote control can achieve?

What function a WIFI USB remote control can achieve?

  • 2021-08-09

There are many kinds of door remote controls. The first is a common remote controller. The code and frequency of this remote controller correspond to that of the door machine, so you can control the door machine. The second is the copy type remote controller. It can control the door machine by copying the code of the original remote controller, which can increase the number of remote controllers. The third is the compatible remote controller, which is compatible with the remote controllers of other brands of door machines, and can also be used to increase the number of remote controllers. The fourth is WiFi controller, which can realize that people can control the door machine at home with mobile phones outdoors.

XH-SM05W can meet almost all the above functions.“XH-SM05W”—”USB RF+WiFi Smart Remote Control”.

This “USB RF+WiFi Smart Remote Control” can copy the fixed code for use directly as a remote control, and the usable range is 80 meters in the open area.

This “RF+WiFi Smart Remote Control” can also achieve to operate on the mobile phone APP.

Meet the different requirements arising in different situations.

Enough to catch the eye: This “USB RF+WiFi Smart Remote Control” uses the USB interface. Flexible power extraction, free of battery replacement. Electricity methods are diverse and available locations are widely used. Don't worry about battery power and power consumption, remove the steps of replacing the battery. This makes its appearance unique, distinguished from the appearance of common remote controls and controllers. Small and simple and beautiful. Not only is it more mini than the general controller, but more special than the general remote.

In addition, it has a bigger highlight: WiFi connection, mobile phone operation, and rich functionality. There are many practical features on APP, such as user list, sharing devices, timing, binding cameras. Easy sharing of devices with others, and you can also view a list of users. You can also schedule it weekly to support binding the camera.

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