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Raspberry pie 4 has just been released. This is the latest version of the raspberry pie, which provides better CPU and more memory than the raspberry pie 3, dual HDMI output, better USB and Ethernet performance, and will continue to be produced until January 2026. 

The raspberry pie 4 is available in three models-1GB, 2GB and 4GB-for $35, $45 and $55, respectively. There was a video at the raspberry pie launch, with all the details on the raspberry pie 4 website. 

Better CPU, better graphics, and more memory. 
CPU is a major upgrade to the new and improved raspberry pie 4. Although Raspberry Pi 3 uses Broadcom BCM2837 SoC (4×ARM Cortex-A53 runs on 1.2GHz), the new motherboard uses Broadcom BCM2711 SoC (quad-core Cortex-A72 runs on 1.5GHz). This provides desktop performance comparable to entry-level x86 systems, according to news reports. 

It is worth noting that the new Raspberry Pi 4 features not one but two HDMI interfaces, albeit in a micro HDMI format. This allows dual monitors to support up to 4k60p. Graphics capabilities include H.265 4k60 decoding, H.264 1080p60 decoding, 1080p30 encoding, and support for OpenGL ES, 3.0 graphics. With all the raspberry pies, there is a composite video port as well as stuffed in the audio port.The MIPI DSI display port for 2 lanes and the MIPI CSI camera port for 2 lanes retain Raspberry Pi 3. 

For anyone who wants to replace Raspberry Pi 3, there is a very important change: the power interface is now USB Type-C. 

Before that, especially with the release of raspberry pie 3, the raspberry pie foundation complained that any old USB power would not work. A standard USB power supply is guaranteed to supply 500mA at 5V, or 2.5W.While this is enough for the first raspberry pie, the electricity budget has been increasing over the past five years. Now, a raspberry pie 3 will attract more than 3 watts to power on. For future raspberry pie, this is untenable and there must be an electrical outlet to provide more power. 

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Where's USB-C. Using USB-C power input, Pi is not limited to the 500mA restrictions of any old power adapters. This is a good design choice; if you ask why the original Raspberry Pi was powered by a micro USB interface, you can simply say that this is because each phone uses one to charge, so micro USB power adapters are everywhere. Today, most flagship phones use the USB-C charger, which provides more power and a powerful power adapter for any single-board computer. Of course, it can also be powered by the 5V track on the 40-pin GPIO connector, or through the PoE and the corresponding PoE hat. 

Security researchers from the UK and Germany have found it easy to clone wireless keys for millions of cars produced by Volkswagen Group (Volkswagen Group) over the past two decades. 

In a paper that will be held Friday at the Usenix Security Seminar in Austin, Texas, the researchers also described a second attack that will allow hackers to clone some car remote controls Peugeot (PUGOY), Opel, Renault. Alfa Romeo, Ford (F), Chevrolet, Dacia, Fiat (FCAU), Nissan (Nissan) and Mitsubishi (MMTOF). 

They suggest that the owners of the affected vehicles, when pressing the lock button on the remote control, check not only for flashing lights, but also for beeps-they should stop using the remote control altogether. Turn to the mechanical lock of the vehicle. In this way, others cannot eavesdrop on the wireless signal of the remote control, clone the remote control, and then break into the car. 

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In ordinary home theater settings, the infrared remote may not have the glory it once enjoyed, but it has not completely disappeared. After all, once Chromecast is always disconnected from your phone, what are you going to do to stop Netflix? As long as a device can respond to instructions issued through infrared light-emitting diodes, hackers will find ways to participate. 

To make IR remote hacking easier, [sjm4306] has submitted his Remoteduino to the 2019 Hackaday Award. With this convenient tool, you can focus on developing the software part of the next IR remote project without having to worry about the hardware. Just upload your code and click. 

As you can imagine, this design is quite simple. At the leading edge of the PCB, you have the necessary infrared LED, and a healthy tactile button that your code can use as input.The top half of the remote control is a fairly standard layout, including screen-printed labels with common features, but under it [sjm4306] has six general-purpose buttons that can be used for anything you like. 

The Chinese electronics giant, known for making high-end smartphones, also makes a number of other electronics, including a remote control that allows you to control appliances effortlessly.

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