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Qualcomm has issued two statements in the past few weeks, solidifying its advantage in 5G technology, especially millimeter wave (mmWave). First, they named the Qualcomm ®Snapdragon 5G modem, a "tailor-made" combination of modems and radio frequency (RF) systems. It's a mouthful, but it captures its essence-an end-to-end system approach to maximizing 5G performance. Second, they completed the fruitful journey they began a few years ago-buying the rest of RF360 Holdings, their joint venture with TDK, which allowed them to start building complex RF components. Since this is such a significant decision, I will focus on the first part and its implications for 5G. 

Modem-rf systems include market-leading Snapdragon modems, RF front-end (RFFE), and sometimes even antennas. They work together as a separate fine-tuning (pun) system, making 5G smartphones light and smooth, while providing excellent coverage, longer battery life and faster speed. 

A security researcher has publicly disclosed new vulnerabilities in the USB adapter (receiver) used by Logitech's wireless keyboard, mouse and demo clicker. 

These vulnerabilities allow attackers to sniff keyboard traffic, but can also inject keystrokes (even encrypted dogs that are not connected to the wireless keyboard) and take over computers that are connected to encrypted dogs. 

When encryption is used to protect the connection between the encryption dog and the paired device, the vulnerability also allows the attacker to restore the encryption key. 

In addition, if the USB encryption dog uses a "key blacklist" to prevent paired devices from injecting keystrokes, the vulnerability may allow for bypassing the security system. 

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Meng Qisi (Marcus Mengs), the researcher who discovered the vulnerabilities, said he informed Logitech of his findings, which plan to fix some of the reported problems, but not all. 

According to Mengs, these vulnerabilities affect all USB adapters that use the company's proprietary "unified" 2.4 GHz radio technology to communicate with wireless devices. 

Unification is one of Logitech's standard encryption dog wireless technologies, which have been released with Logitech's range of wireless devices for 10 years since 2009. These hardware dogs are often used with the company's wireless keyboard, mouse, demo clicker, trackball and other devices. 

The wireless TX is designed to be sandwiched between the camera fuselage and the battery with a v-lock panel (or any other v-lock panel).Another version appears on Anton Bauer's golden mount. 

The concept behind this is to create a more integrated wireless transmission system that becomes part of the camera rather than an additional accessory. 

If you want to install a wireless transmitter on your camera, you'd better try to integrate it seamlessly instead of hanging it next to your camera. 

We all hope to use fewer cables and components to create a cleaner camera structure, Vaxis Storm 3000 double v lock TX is just one of the products that have come a long way towards this goal. 

New Orleans, 26 September 2019 / PRNewswire/-Horsham PA USA and SCTE Cable- tec Expo-Toner Cable Equipment, Inc. We are pleased to announce that the QLink optical fiber l-band satellite link is manufactured by Losk Radio Frequency Design Company of Germany. The toner cable, in collaboration with RF design, has developed a unique solution for the optical fiber connection between the satellite antenna and the receiving electronic (IRD). 

Universal Multi-channel Programmable Rf Remote Contro

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The QLink is a separate outdoor enclosure (IP65 rating) with four optical transmitters (850-2450 MHz), and dual redundant power and fiber management). The QLink is designed to be installed directly on the satellite antenna.The shell uses stainless steel installation hardware and weatherproof cables to enter glandular fibers, coaxial cables and power supplies. 

I have a home alarm system and I wonder if I can make my maker kung fu better. Recently, we had to replace our system, so I spent some time analyzing the main controller, remote sensors, and all the components that make the home safety system work properly. 

To be exact, the subject of today's interrogation is the very famous Zicom brand of home alarms a decade ago. It is connected to a wired telephone line, takes input from action, doors, and gas sensors, and makes a lot of noise if the system trips (sometimes accidentally). Although the circuit was not damaged in the course of writing this article, I can assure you that there are some interesting things that will surprise you. Let's see. 

When adding four L-band receivers, such as Olson OLRR and toner TLRC-4 rack-mounted chassis, you have a complete 4-polarized L-band fiber connection that is cost-effective and ready for a simple installation. 

QLink will be unveiled at the (SCTE Cable Tec Expo) toner booth 2038 at the SCTE Cable Technology Fair in New Orleans on October 1, 2 and 3.

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