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You can speak freely about the cost, mileage, and over-reliance on a single touchscreen for the Tesla Model 3. But if you have to have an accident, there are few better cars on the planet than sitting in a car. Quite simply, it is one of the safest cars on the road. It is rated as the highest safety option by the Highway Safety Insurance Association, a series of five-star ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and a five-star rating for new car evaluation projects in Europe and Oceania. 

If you don't break some metaphorical eggs, you won't get praise for the crash test, but in the car world, you can't break them at will.Specialized car crash tests require special facilities, just as Tesla hid in an inconspicuous building near his factory in Fremont, California.

If you don't know that Tesla has a large-scale crash test facility in California, don't be sad. I didn't know it existed until I received an invitation to visit about a month ago. No reporter has ever been allowed to enter its door, so I hope you can visit the Tesla collision Test Laboratory exclusively with me to see how Model 3 got these stars. 

I can't tell you the exact location of the Tesla collision test laboratory, but it's in Fremont, not far from the company's factory, or, in fact, the various Tesla logos that appear in the surrounding area. However, the building does not have such a sign. 

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The collision test laboratory lives in a nondescript warehouse, a far cry from the large special structures used by other global manufacturers such as Volvo (Volvo). Indeed, there is a basic, feeling of inferiority, which is very much in line with the overall atmosphere of the company. However, if you take a closer look, you will soon find that everything is pieced together with a lot of creativity. 

Perhaps the best proof of this is the mechanism that drives the car along the track to its final destination. The car was installed on a skateboard driven by a cable. But what pulled the cable? Most factories rely on large, specially manufactured engines or engines.Tesla's solution is more appropriate: a pair of good rear drive units of the Model S are fixed to the floor and connected to a 100kwh battery pack. Overall, the system provides 1200 nanometers (about 885ft pounds) of torque. 

By this definition, the new Stratos is a better Ferrari than the Ferrari it sells today. 

Maranello may not like reading this, but it is actually a compliment. After all, the new Stratos is a Ferrari, albeit an old one. It is basically an F430, even labelled as an entry-level, mid-engine sports car of an Italian brand, and was produced between 2005 and 2009. This model is the last great analog machine offered by the company with a manual gearbox. This is a real Ferrari. The cushion, which pays homage to the 1973-1978 Lancia Stratos, has been under development since the F430 was still on display in the exhibition hall. 

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But it's not just a matter of italics and age-it's one of the rare occasions where the story of the origin of cars is as tortuous and interesting as the machine itself. 

A wedge-shaped Trojan horse that helps Bertone sneak into Lancia's books, Stratos literally stuffed Bertone's scion Nuccio Bertone through the Lancia factory gate. Or, more accurately, below-- zero is only 33 inches tall, in 1970, as a gimmick, Bertonet drove the car to a lowered factory-safety barrier. The bill was enough to attract the attention of Lancia and initiated a partnership between the two companies, leading to a highway version of zero, Stratos HF. 

The director of training and development at Greg Ring, Kraft M Tire told dealers at a recent Kraft M dealership meeting in Dallas that today's 625 sku covers 80 per cent of the tire market. Less than 20 years ago, the number was about 267, covering the same proportion of the market, according to Lin. 

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In fact, Goodyear Chairman, CEO and President Ricky Kramer (Rich Kramer) said in a recent speech that if a dealer has two complete sets of tires under each SKU, if he has 10 stores, His shop needs to keep 50,000 tires a day. 

Roswell and Carlsbad-at the end of Pauline and Joe Ponce's spacious restaurant in Roswell, there is a cupboard full of pictures and souvenirs of their son Michael. An ancient wrestling program rests in a group photo of Michael with his daughter, parents and wife. 

In December 2017, Michael held a picture of his one-and-a-half-year-old son. "this was taken two months before Michael died," she said. 

On the morning of February 18, 2018, Michael Ponce, 39, drove his white Dodge work truck south near Malaga, a village 15 miles south of Carlsbad.

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