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rf module audio transmitter receiver ic

China rf audio transmitter receiver

The ATW-T5201 bodypack transmitter has a rugged, ergonomic metal fuselage, highly visible OLED screen, power / mute indicator LED, soft touch, 80Hz high-pass filter and programmable function buttons. Can be set to switch to backup frequency or mute transmitter. There are two frequency ranges-DE1 (470-590 MHz) and EF2 (580-608 MHz, 653-663 MHz)-the transmitter provides full coverage of the receiver bandwidth. It has a ch style spin-off four-pin connector and provides a 5V DC bias power supply capacitor microphone. Switchable RF power supplies provide 7 hours of battery life (2 AA alkaline) in high power (50mw) environments and 9 hours in medium power (10mw) environments. Provides 10.5 hours of battery life in low power (2mw) environments. The ATW-T5201 includes a field replaceable whip antenna and a protective carrier housing. 

The WTU-2 compact metal package solution for RE-2 systems is automatically compatible with the user telex RSB-2 mute switch for football applications. It provides optional RF output power and optional BH-200 charger, rechargeable aa battery operation. This machine is compatible with RSB-2 arbitration mute switch. 

The BPU-2 compact backpack transmitter for RE-2 wireless systems is made of high-impact ABS plastic. The single on / off switch also has a mute function, and the TA4 microphone connector is compatible with any EV lapel and headphone microphone, including RE97Tx and RE97-2-Tx. Other features include a rotatable "mobile phone" belt clip and a smart battery. 

The DBu digital encryption tape packet transmitter is characterized by AES 256-bit CTR encryption, broadband tuning (470-608 MHz for the United States, 470-614 MHz for output), and high linear RF output phase to reduce Intermodulation distortion. And true 50 milliwatts transmit RF power for an excellent range and resistance to dropouts. The multi-function switch can be configured as mute or power supply, making the unit flexible, and providing the original sound quality of 24-bit / 48 khz digital audio. 

Rf Audio Usb Wireless Rc Transmitter And Receiver

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The SSM (ultra-lightweight) digital hybrid wireless miniature transmitter has a frequency of 76.8 MHz or three standard Lectrosonics frequency blocks, with power set to 25 mW or 50 mW RF power, using rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The size is 2.52 x 1.48 x 0.57 inches; the weight is 2.3 ounces, including the battery. SSM responds to RM remote commands that are compatible with Lectro RM smartphone applications. The frequency bands provided are A1 (470-537 MHz), B1 (537-614 MHz), C1 (614-691 MHz) and D1 (691-767 MHz, exit only). 

SMWB (single AA battery) and SMDWB (dual AA) transmitters can be adjusted to 76.8 MHz or three standard Lectrosonics frequency blocks and have several frequency ranges.These models can be selected for radio frequency power of 100, 50 or 25 megawatts. The standard TA5 connectors for SMWB and SMDWB come with servo bias microphone input, which can be found on all previous SM series units and on all current TA5 conveyor belt units. SMWB and SMDWB units can be configured as transmitters or tape recorders, and files are stored on microSD cards in industry-standard broadcast wave (.wav) format for 24 bits. MicroSD memory cards can also be used to update field firmware. The transmitter has infrared synchronization function, can be quickly set up, or can be configured through RM remote commands, compatible with Lectro RM and PDR remote smartphone applications to achieve hands-free setting changes. 

Videosys Broadcast, a leading supplier of high-quality camera control systems, RF links and camera backplanes, will launch its new multi-function broadcast RF camera control system, Epsilon, at the 2019 IBC Conference. Epsilon includes a fully integrated 4K decoder and receiver and is an ideal solution for HD and 4K live sports and music events. 

433mhz Gate Rf Remote Control Transmitter Receive

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Epsilon consists of a base and a head module, decoding, receiving, camera control and optical fiber are included in a base. This means that the operator only needs to be equipped with one unit instead of the traditional four units. The base unit is then connected to the head unit through a single SMPTE cable, further reducing cabling and eliminating the complexity of setup and maintenance. By significantly reducing rig time and equipment, Epsilon provides extensive coverage in stadiums, large studios, churches and educational centers in a simple and effective manner. Epsilon works seamlessly with 4K Aeon-CC digital video transmitters to provide a complete 4K radio frequency system. 

Colin Tomlin, general manager of Videosys Broadcasting, said: "We understand the complexity of deploying radio frequency systems to live events, whether it is sports, music or live studio shows. As the demand for 4K services increases, deployment becomes more complex and expensive. As a result, we created the Epsilon 4K system to simplify 4K management by reducing the number of devices and deployment costs. We are pleased to be able to showcase Epsilon, at IBC 2019 and look forward to seeing the reaction of our customers at the booth. "

Long Range Wireless RF 433mhz Receiver Module

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