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For a long time, most people felt comfortable not locking the door. For better or worse, security has become today's order, and technology keeps pace with security needs. 

Today, this path leads to electronic access. Bob Moncer (Bob Maunsell), chief executive of (Electronic Security Group), an electronic security group in West Boilston, Massachusetts, says that when it comes to living in an apartment, it usually refers to a key small apartment. 

"anyone who is refinancing or making significant capital improvements is installing a keyless input system," Moncer said. "everyone is moving towards the main goal. They are also upgrading the intercom system and video surveillance to get rid of the old mechanical keys because there is no way to track them. " 

The lack of secure tracking is a major factor in replacing the old metal key system with an electronic FOB price system. "an entrance without a key," Monsell said. "you know who entered the building when and when. You can disable a fob when it is lost, or when a tenant moves out. It's much easier than having a locksmith change the locks. Changing a door lock also requires changing dozens or even hundreds of keys. Electronic technology has simply solved this problem. 

Chicago Bullis Lock Co. Tony Darling (Tony Dahlin), the boss and security expert, said: "as prices fall, offshore prices become more and more popular. They have been popular in business, but as prices have fallen, condominiums and apartment buildings are increasingly using the technology. Basically, fobs eliminates the need for physical keys. If you give the key to someone else and they don't return it, you have to change the lock.They can copy the lost keys, and you don't know who can enter your building. With fobs, this is not going to happen-they let you control who gets in and when. If a fob (FOB price) is lost, you just need to enter the software and eliminate it without affecting the use of others. " 

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If you've been hanging out in the 3D printing community, or reading all kinds of 3D print posts on Hackaday, you've almost certainly heard of OctoPrint. Creating and maintaining an old computer (or, more commonly, a small arm like raspberry π or BeagleBone) to a network can be used for your 3D printer control panel. Thanks to the thriving collection of community-developed plug-ins, it can even control other hardware, such as lights, shell heaters, smart plugs, or any other GPIO pin you can think of hanging on the arm of your choice. The project has become so popular that the new Prusa i3 MK3 has a header on the control panel specifically to connect to the running pi0 W OctoPrint. 

Even so, I personally never "got" an octopus. I am glad that my single printer is connected to my computer and controlled directly from my slicer USB. Most of the things I print are designed by myself, so it seems logical to connect it to the machine I'm designing when setting up the printer. If I sit in front of the computer, I just need to turn the chair to the right, and then I can see my printer. What do I need to control with WiFi? 

Wu Shangzhen sits on a plastic chair dozens of rows away from the ground at the huge Pentagon Olympic Stadium in Pyeongchang, South Korea, high in the mountains of northeastern South Korea before 8 p.m. on February 9, 2018. He was wearing an official gray and red Olympic jacket, which made him feel warm, even though the weather was close to freezing. Sitting behind the press gallery, he could clearly see the circular stage a few hundred feet ahead. The opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics is about to begin. 

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As the lights around the roofless building dimmed, a crowd of 35000 people heard the sound of anticipation, with their mobile phone screens flying around the stadium like fireflies.There are few stronger expectations than Oh.For more than three years, the 47-year-old civil servant has been technical director of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Organizing Committee. Under his supervision, two data centers in Seoul built a IT infrastructure for the Olympics, including more than 10, 000 personal computers, more than 20, 000 mobile devices, 6300 Wi-Fi routers and 300 servers. 

The company says the pedestal io is compatible with any cloud-based, network or wireless access control system and is ideal for protecting parking lots, closed communities, storage facilities and other exposed outdoor places. 

Its IP65 rating proves that it can be used directly for rain, sleet and snow, as well as dusty or dirty environments, such as building areas. The unit can be installed to the goose or wall and ready for plug-and-play installation.An optional reinforced touchpad reader complements the unit's ability to work with access cards and fobs.

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